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0.2   inches

Blade Length
22 inch blade with the curved sharpened portion being 15 inches.  Overall length : tip to handle is 28 inches

32 ounces


Steel is Leaf Spring Steel



Sold out!

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Group effort between Knives By Hand and with Neem out of Nepal,  bringing forth the Ancient KHOPESH .   The earliest production was in 2500 BC.  4500 years ago. We worked on this project for many weeks to recreate this blade.  The khopesh evolved from similar crescent-shaped axes that were used in warfare. CURRENT SHEATH IS BLACK with a shoulder strap for carrying.  See pictures on website

Used for both long range as well as close quarter attacks, the original Khopesh was made of bronze.  It was designed to trap an enemy’s arm or for hooking enemy shields out of the way.  This remake is done, but with steel.   The full tang handle has a steel pommel.   The blade is only sharpened on the outside portion of the curved end as was the original.

  This would be excellent for wall decoration that could be taken down and used.   It is Made for real world use.   Video of  chopping through Bodark wood to test it’s strength. This would be my choice if I was on the TV Show Walking Dead.

The knife will vary a few grams as they are hand forged.  Price Includes Sheath and shipping inside the USA

 See Video  below of  splitting Bodark using the prototype






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  1. Jeremy Larson (verified owner)

    I just received my Khopesh, it’s quit a blade like no other I’ve owned. Very blade heavy as you might imagine, and razor sharp. You can tell it’s hand made, now I don’t mean that at a ditraction. That just makes each blade unique, it doesn’t have the fit and finish you might expect from a mass produced blade. Now having said that, it is very beautiful and the blade is highly polished to a mirror shin. The handle is also very well constructed and of the finest quality wood. The sheath is of high grad leather, and constructed to last. With double sown seams and brass riveted fasteners. Also polished to a high shine in black, with a shoulder strap for easy carry. If you are a collector who love unique hand made blades. Then look no further thus sword will make the perfect center piece of any collection. I plan to mount mine and make it a center piece of my home mounted over the fireplace.

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