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0.4 inch at the back hammer portion.

Blade Length

Cutting edge is   14   inches

From Center of Pole to edge is 6 1/2  inches

Overall Length

Pole length is 23 inches

From Point to bottom of  handle is 28 1/2 inches


Hatchet weight 5 lb 4 ounces /  2383 grams


Steel is Leaf Spring


Sold out!

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This Axe is inspired from little known Goose Wing axe.    I have used this type of axe by standing on the trunk of the large tree and walk down it clearing off the branches growing out of the sides of the trunk .   This one is not exactly a Hewing axe, but it was inspired in shape.   It is not for the weak of arm.   

Turns out this can be used against Orcs and smaller dragons . It also makes an impression when you are sharpening it and your daughter brings her first boyfriend home.  This is a large piece of leaf spring steel.  The sheath is designed to be carried over the shoulder and is included. The axe will vary a couple of grams as they are hand forged.

Price includes Shipping , sheath and carrying sling (SEE ATTACHED PICTURES)

 See 2 Videos  below. 








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