Knives by Hand – Early Days

Below are early Pictures of Myself – Working by my Coal Forge.  I made this forge by mixing adobe (sand, clay and wood ash) to shape the inside of a large tub.  I placed a 1 inch inside diameter pipe in the bottom and drilled 1/4 inch holes.  A blower was attached (not in picture).  I get up to 1700 degrees using this.  I do most of my forging during the cool hours of the night.
I am mostly self taught as I was unable to find an apprenticeship, but I did receive a lot of information from Nepalese Kamis.  I have a box of scrap metal as proof.   I did learn a lot about knife making from Gurkha’s and Nepalese knife makers.
The hat is to keep my hair from catching fire.  Don’t ask how I  learned this valuable lesson.  I do some of my work at night to avoid Texas Heat.