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3/8 inch ( 9 mm)

Blade Length

Tip to wood handle is 11 inches   with 10  inch

Spine to Edge

2  1/4 inch   (60 mm )

Overall Length

16  inches tip to pommel


24.8 ounces  /  704 grams


5160 steel and Rose Wood

Sold out!

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This Harpoon Tip Khukuri made in Nepal was designed specifically for those that like to baton.  It does great as a survival chopping blade.  This VERSION 2 has finger grooves on the handle.
It comes with leather sheath.   This is a full tang Rose wood handle.  Tang extends past the handle for striking.  It is approximately 11 inches from tip to wood handle and is a tank of a knife.
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  1. James AKA Stoney (verified owner)

    Frank, I received the prototype harpoon tip khukuri today!
    Well done sir, this is my third Nepalese made khukuri and as expected it is well made.
    It is well balanced and feels light in the hand so I’m sure it will be a great chopper!!
    One thing that I require on ALL of my fixed blades knives is a 90-degree spine (from neck knives to full size khukuris) and was pleased to see that I could get sparks off my ferro rods!
    My only (minor) “criticism” is that I wish it had a matte (subdued) unpolished finish.
    Keep up the great work Frank!!
    I also left this comment on your YouTube videos showcasing this khukuri.
    – RLTW (2/75 Rangers Lead The Way!)

    • KBH

      Fine grit sand paper of 800 grit can make it a matte finish

  2. Christopher Noland

    I received the HARPOON TIP KHUKURI on 18 May 2023. I took straight out in the yard and finished up some chopping, this beast will chop through anything forks / knots in trees are a breeze. Works well for drawing knife peel debark right off with ease. I took it with me on a camping that weekend used it the whole trip for just about everything from chopping, buttoning, cooking. It is pretty beefy all around I would recommend this to anyone it will make an excellent addition to your kit.

  3. Christopher Noland

    received my 11 INCH HARPOON TIP KHUKURI on 18 May 2023 and immediately took it out to the yard and finished up some chopping up of limbs this thing will eat through just about anything forks / knots in trees, it works well as a drawknife the bark comes off with ease. Then I took it camping with me over the weekend did a lot more chopping, buttoning and cooking. This thing is a beast I would recommend it to my friends shoot anyone for that matter it will make an excellent addition to your kit.

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