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3/8 inch (8.5 mm)
Blade Length

12 inch

Overall Length

17  inch



25 ounces  /  723 grams


5160 Leaf Spring Steel and Indian Rose Wood


Sold out!


Introducing an Old Style Khukuri by Neem out of Nepal in conjuction with Knives By Hand  : This Mark 4 (MK4) is patterned after the British official khukuri pattern model.  It was originally designed in 1949 / 1950 by the Wilkinson Sword Company.  The originals are rare as most were lost to the jungle.  It seems the British Army wanted to purchase British made khukuri despite the higher cost. The profile is nearly identical to the Mk3 and is obviously based on the MK3.  The Mark 4 was mainly issued for use in Malaya and Borneo. It comes with  a traditional military style black scabbard.  These were made for war time and produced quickly to be strong and effective in battle  A must have for any khukuri Collector. 

This khukuri has distinctive enlarged pins in the Full Tang handle.  The steel pommel with two pins as was on the original.  This knife is made such that it’s balance point is on the edge of the blade to distinguish it from other copies.  The tip of the scabbard is reinforced with a thicker brass tip.  It is a real world working model and comes with the side knives that are large to be useable  : The small knife(karda) and honing steel (chak mak) for honing the blade in the field.       



  1. Mark Smiley (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this MK4 Khukuri. It came very sharp and packaged great with no issues whatsoever. It’s a beast, it’s thick and tough for sure. I wanted the Survival 12 inch that is 1/4″ thick but it was sold out so I ordered this one. Not disappointed at all and I even ended up getting the Survival 12″ later and now I can compare and loan this one out as needed, my friends love it. The side knife and honing blade are well made and fit tight in the sheath. The sheath is very well made as well.
    Overall, I highly recommend you buy this Khukuri or the Survival model or both and compare yourself. Both are excellent and will get the job done. This model may be more true to original versions because it is 3/8″ thick. Next on my list is the Harpoon Khukuri.

    Also, fantastic communication by Frank on the order and shipping.
    Thank you
    sameold77 on YT

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