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0.2 inch at the back hammer portion.

Blade Length

Cutting edge is   14 1/2   inches

Overall Length

22 1/2 inches

29 ounces /  820 grams


Steel is Leaf Spring


Sold out!


Brought to you from Neem – My Blade Smith in Nepal. For when you have a book that needs protecting.  This knife is based on the knife from the movie Book of Eli.   It is a good overall knife for survival.  I can see me carrying this in a WROL situation.    In place of multiple holes in the side of the blade, a single long fuller has been put into the blade to reduce weight. 

The sheath is designed with 2 steel rings.  It can easily be fastened with Paracord or other type of cord to be carried over the shoulder.  Made for Hard times.   The knife will vary a couple of grams as they are hand forged.

 See Video  below

Price includes Shipping and scabbard.  







1 review for ELI

  1. Butch Montoya

    This is by far one of my most favorite blades that Frank has recreated. It is a true functioning blade, not just some wall hanger.

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