1/4 inch  with a double edged tip

Blade Length

11 inches tip to bolster.

Spine to Edge

2  3/4 inches  at the widest  part of blade.

Overall Length

16 1/2 inches tip to pommel


34 ounces / 963  grams


5160 steel blade.  Steel Bolster and steel Pommel.  White Oak wood used on handle

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 Recreating the Iconic SMATCHET.  It was designed specifically as a combat knife.  This is a knife I would take into combat.  One of my favorites.  I Included a picture of an original antique smatchet so that you could compare.  See the video of testing on how the blade holds up.  Testing was ongoing and this was a short sample.
Background on the Smatchet: Designed by William E. Fairbairn during World War II.
The Special Training Centre at Inverailort House near the remote hamlet of Lochailort on Scotland’s western coast is justly famous as the headquarters for special operations training in Great Britain during World War II.  It is also there that a number of weapons to meet the needs of special operations personnel were designed.  One of the blades the weapons team at Lochailort created was a larger and more rugged knife, a smashing hatchet dubbed the “smatchet.” .
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