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Redemption V2 version 2

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1/4 inch

Blade Length

13 1/2 inches


Over 3 lbs of steel



Sold out!

Email when stock available


  This is a prototype from Nepal Kamis ( My hand picked Highly Skilled Blacksmiths) to make in the future.  .   Discounted as they are preliminary prototypes.  They are real and they will cut.. 
 Bringing an upgraded to Redemption knife with Version 2.  This is a large knife and  not for the small handed.  It is Large and heavy.    It now has a steel guard and skull pommel.
This blade is sharp and the weight means don’t drop it.  The clip point is false edged to reinforce the point.  Handle is leather wrapped.  Despite the decorations, they are heavy duty and made for use. This is the prototype for Nepal to copy and make. We are working out details at this time. Scabbard comes with a belt loop and a belt to allow it to be carried over your shoulder.

Email me at [email protected] if out of stock and you want to purchase one.


just over 1/4 inch at 0.3 inches.

Blade Length

14 inches


46 ounces


5160 spring  steel and Rosewood handle.

1 review for Redemption V2 version 2


    This knife is the name taker and butt kicker period ! Awesome Awesome knife !

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