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BLADE LENGTH:  14 1/2 inch

OVERALL LENGTH: 19 1/2 inch   

WEIGHT: 29 ounces / 830 grams

5160 Spring steel and Rose Wood

Sold out!

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 This Khukuri is a remake of a 100 year old khukuri.  The original is known as Chandra Shamsher khukuri.   The originals came in more than one size as they were made by different black smiths.  I presented 4 of these Chandra khukuri that were over 100 years old.  Each was a different size and weight.  This  one was chosen to make first by my followers during a vote.  This Chandra Khukuri has been recreated, but with some modifications.  It comes with a modified chak mak – honing steel that can  be used as a striker for a ferro rod and can scrape wood for fine kindling.  The  Karda – side knife is also of useable size.    The handle of the khukuri has the traditional Nepalese ringed handle but strengthened by making in Full Tang.   The traditional Sheath comes with twin loops as was traditional for the Military and the tip of the sheath is decorated with the never ending knot.

Free shipping inside the USA.  Weight may vary slightly as these are hand forged.

Below is the video of the original Prototype being tested before the improvements of the side blades and improvements of the sheath were made.


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