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WEIGHT:  14.5 ounces  /  412 grams




5160 Spring steel  and dark Rosewood

In stock



Slade:  This knife was born from playing a video game with my new soon to be son.  (He beat me badly at it, but it was a lot of fun.).  Out of this, he inspired a knife for younger kids that go camping , hunting , etc.  and want a real blade to be taught with.   This is that knife.  With the thinner handle, It has been designed for younger age group, smaller hands or for those that want to carry a light weight knife.  Due to it’s weight , this is becoming a favorite to carry.  The large fuller removes a lot of weight.   (I am discussing if I should come out with a heavier blade in the future.  maybe). wood portion is 4 1/2 inches allowing for adult hands .  Finger choil for close up work.  The spine has crosshatch jimping for scraping wood to create small tinder.    Named it after him.  Slade   Obviously he receives the first one. 

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4 reviews for SLADE KNIFE

  1. Slade Kohler

    I give my knife 5 stars
    thankyou Frank
    my friends want one now so we can take a camp trip and cut things and make fires

  2. Steve Meurer (verified owner)

    Frank, the Slade you sent is awesome! This thing is so well balanced. (balance point, for those who are wondering, is right at the choil) It handles like a smaller knife and came sharp enough for the duties for which it is intended. I have medium/large hands and the handle is comfortable to me for prolonged use. Only thing I would change is the lanyard hole, I would like to see it moved to resemble the “Enduring” model you offer. Thanks, Steve

  3. Steven I Szabo (verified owner)

    The Slade is a pure winner. One of the best knives of its kind available anywhere. It is a combination of Western and Nepalese styles. The handle is western while the blade is pure kukri. A full tang, not too thick blade that is very powerful in the chop yet light in the hand. The size is IMHO perfect for a “one tool option” If you believe in that sort of thing. It comes with a laser-sharp convex edge that will pretty much chop through wood like it was not even there! My only issue is with the sheath. I am a huge fan of Kydex so anything less is an issue for me. The sheath that comes with it is leather and fully functional, it is just not my preference. 5 stars for the Slade.

  4. Denver (verified owner)

    I really like the Slade Knife! Very light for a knife that size. It chops really well for it’s weight. The sheath however is a different story quite flimsy and thin ,and you could hear the leather cracking when you squeeze it, that said I am rating the knife not the sheath so 5 stars Thanks to Frank for the veterans discount! Hooah!

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