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  1/4  inch  / 6.5 mm
Blade Length

7  inch

Overall Length

11 1/2 inches


9 ounces  / 256 grams


5160 steel  with brass fittings and Satisal wood.

In stock


Sirupate Khukuri knife .  This  Khukuri is made in Nepal for those customers that requested a smaller blade.  Price includes shipping inside the USA.
Sirupate translates as Siru Leaf Grass of which this blade shape resembles. Additional engraving is on the blade and pommel. It has a brass bolster as well as a decorated pommel.  It is light weight for easy carry.  It comes with wooden scabbard wrapped in white leather and would look good on a desk.

The Khukri weight varies slightly (+/- a couple of grams) as these are hand forged.  This is a good knife for General Purpose camp use and can be used for self defense.  I am working with Nepalese Black Smiths to step up and produce higher quality Khukuri.

Price includes shipping inside the USA.


2 reviews for SIRUPATE 7 inch STICK TANG

  1. Joshua (verified owner)

    Excellent little Kukri. Light weight enough for daily carry, it has no trouble chopping through 1” saplings with only a few strokes. Edge geometry is great, not hair shaving sharp but after a few passes on honing steel it will bite 1/2” deep into wood. I managed to chew through a 2 1/2” piece of dried branch and though it took a minute the handle, bolster, peened cap is still tight as a vault. Absolutely worth the $75 price but short of 5 stars.

    The handle symmetry is off, a little work with a dremel and it would be fine. The handle is a little small, even for me and I wear medium gloves. The white sheath didn’t light my fire, black or some earth tone would be preferred.

    A little more fine tuning to the handle QC and I would be happy to pay $100 but for $75 as is it’s still an amazing deal.

  2. William Robertson Breckinridge

    An excellent, well-made knife. The light weight makes it a good choice for a daily carry, and the size is a goldilocks fit with the real world out here in rural Oklahoma. No trouble snagging on brush or the tractor hydraulic controls, easy to sit anywhere with and I forgot I had it on in about 10 minutes. The blade on mine is closer to 7-1/4″ than 7″, way big enough for anything I am likely to encounter. If I could only have one knife this might be the one!

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