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Khukri Knives

Khukuri Knives are also known as Ghurka Knives.  These are known world wide as some of the best combat knives and have been proven in combat.

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Non Khurkri Knives

I take pride in designing and testing my own knives.

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Axes and Cleavers

Hand Made
High Quality Metals
Life Time Warranty

A Testimonial of Our Work.

Absolutely Beautiful

He purchased a Christian 3Chirra with leather sheath

Date:  Friday August 20, 2015

It did arrive Frank. It is absolutely beautiful. The weight and thickness of the blade give it the heft and durability that will last for generations. That is precisely what I was hoping to see. My wife and I both like the sheath you made over the water buffalo hide that came with the knife. The quality and workmanship are beyond anything I currently possess. Thank you very much my friend.


Great Creation!

I really love the knives and the pictures on your site don't do them justice. They're massive and intimidating like help, I just love them.  Now I have to find someone to make me a couple of good sheaths for them and I'm good to go for my next camping trip or war!  Again, thank you for the great knives and please keep me in mind on your next great creation!
Raul M.

Raul M.