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Nepali Khukri Knives

Khukuri Knives are also known as Ghurka Knives.  These are known world wide as some of the best combat knives and have been proven in combat. 

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Frank's Knife Designs

I take pride in designing and testing my own knives. Many have passed my tests and you can get check them out on ' My Knife Designs' page.

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Discounted Knives

We are discounting some designs to make way for the new.  These are some high quality blades just calling your name.

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Hand Made
High Quality Metals
One Year Warranty

A Testimonial of Our Work.

A Great Edition in the Woods!

Gotta tell ya I love the redemption blade. It's epic. I'm a big guy 6 5 250 pounds this blade fits me perfect. I have to say I truly think it will be a great edition it the woods. Especially when I take my hound and rottie tracking in thick heavy wooded areas. I'll give u my input once I field test it. It is a beautiful piece I can tell it came from the soul. You are truly a great bladesman  blacksmith. I look forward to the next blade I'm buying which is I'll have to look can't remember. I greatly appreciate it. God blessed you with a phenomenal skill. The way you keep the blade thick solid yet light enough to handle without fatigue is epic. Thanks Frank

Joshua North Carolina

Packaged Very Well

Mike ordered a Panawal Dotted and received it.

Date: Wed, July 13, 2016

I did receive the knife and with the short
Time that I have had it I like it very much.
The knife and scabbard look very good, and I
And very glad that I have it in hand
Every was packaged very well. Thanks so much.