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(9mm)  3/8 inch with Distal Taper to tip


Blade Length

14 1/4 inch from point to Bolster  / 36 cm


Overall Length

19 inches  / 48.2 cm



26  ounces  / 744  grams



Leaf Spring steel blade


Sold out!


Bringing a Khukuri to you from Neem out of  Nepal.   This sharpened and heavy duty design is based on a  ” Historical Army khukuri”. History of this style of blade comes from Nepal Royalty.  Shri Tin is the Royal Title offered to the Rana rulers that ruled Nepal for over 100 years.  This khukuri style has been among the favorite choice of Nepal Soldiers.  You may come across an old Gurkha with one of these.  This is a 14 1/4 inch Royal Shri Tin Chandra Khukuri recreated to maintain the old school longer blade .

The Blade has a wide / deep belly to give additional power for chopping.  The original was a partial stick tang, but this one has been modified to be full tang.   It’s thick spine has been given a distal taper towards the point to aid in quickness.  This is a great all around survival blade. This style of blade has a lot of history and has a multi function of uses.

The Scabbard has had extra additions to it.  Added leather styling as would be expected of a higher end khukuri.  It comes with the traditional side knife Karda that was typically used for carving  and digging small holes for fire.   Also included is the honing steel Chak Mak for honing the blade in the field.  In addition, from long forgotten tradition, a small pouch is included for keeping tinder char cloth to start your fire.   The Kothi or brass protective tip of the scabbard has my seal of approval in the form of Knives By Hand Logo formed into the metal.

The knife weight varies slightly (+/- a couple of grams) as these are hand forged.  This is a good knife for General Purpose camp use and can be used for self defense.  Price includes shipping inside the USA.  



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