SEEKER KHUKURI Free shipping inside the USA


1/4 inch (6.5 mm) with Distal Taper.


Blade Length

13 +  inches   (34 cm)

Note: The Side knife has a blade length 4 inches (10 cm)

Overall Length

18 inches (46 cm)

22.5 ounces  / 640 grams

5160 leaf spring steel and Rose Wood with Brass Bolster .

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Introducing from Neem out of Nepal and designed by Daniel Murray Lake for Knives By Hand. Thank you to Daniel for bringing new designs to Knives By Hand.

This is a very balanced forward chopping blade.  The side knife is of very useful length and it comes with a touch of brass to accent the scabbard.  I have been out testing one and built the fire seen in the picture using wood chopped from this blade.  This would be a great blade for someone wanting a traditional khukuri blade.  The Tang goes all the way through the wood handle and is secured to the pommel by peening.  In over 10 years, I have never had anyone able to break a through tang.  The scabbard has a brass ornament on the tip of the never ending knot  and the pommel of the small knife has a similar brass ornament.  The side sheath for the small knife and the pommel of the khukuri have Daniel M Lake’s logo in brass.   Thicker brass is used than is typical from Nepal.  This Khukuri, complete with ornamental scribing  on the side of the blade,  is a tremendous chopping blade and is one of my personal favorite.   SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO OF THE KNIFE

The knife weight varies slightly (+/- a couple of grams) as these are hand forged.  This is a good knife for General Purpose camp use and can be used for self defense.  Price includes shipping inside the USA.



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