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1/4  inch (7mm)

Blade Length

12 inch

Overall Length

17  inch



22 ounces  /  630 grams


5160 Leaf Spring Steel and Indian Rose Wood


Sold out!


Introducing an Old Style Khukuri reproduction in conjuction with Knives By Hand  : The MK3 Pattern Khukuri reproduced by Neem out of Nepal. If you want a Khukuri that would have been used during WWII, this is a must for collectors.

The MK3 Khukuri came into being in 1943 according to Indian sources & was certainly in mass production by 1944. It was designed for easy and fast production and originally was made by many companies when material was in short supply and these were produced as quickly as possible for the War Effort. The issued pieces had a steel butt cap as brass was a restricted metal. This was still the most commonly issued kukri to the Indian armed forces – including there Gorkha regiments into at least the 1980s. 

Note the distinctive enlarged pins in the handle, the steel pommel and the enlarged groove in the spine of the blade.  This knife is made such that it’s balance point is on the edge of the blade to distinguish it from other copies.  The tip of the scabbard is reinforced with a thicker brass tip.   Crossed khukuri is added to the scabbard in honor of the Gurkha.  




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