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CHAINPUR KHUKURI (free shipping inside the USA)

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8 mm  spine with distal taper :   1/4 inch plus (5/16 inch)  with a distal taper

Blade Length

9 1/2 inch Blade  (368 mm)

Overall Length

14 1/4   inch (362 mm)


11.9  ounces  /  338 grams


Leaf Spring, Satisal Wood (Indian rosewood) and brass fittings.

Sold out!


Introducing a Khukuri from Neem of Nepal.  The Chainpur khukuri originates from the village called Chainpur which lies in the eastern part of Nepal  This khukuri is slightly different from other khukuri because of the flare of the rear of the handle.  This one is smaller in stature and good belt knife.  Note the carvings in the handle and in in the spine.  It does sport the traditional Cho or notch in the blade.  Brass Guard and Pommel.  The tang is a through tang and is pinned on the back of the pommel .  It come  with the traditional side knives.  The small sharp knife (karda) and the honing steel (chak mak).


1 review for CHAINPUR KHUKURI (free shipping inside the USA)

  1. Tim Gaskins (verified owner)

    Outstanding craftsmanship! The quality is way above the price point, for the scabbard as well as the knife itself. I didn’t want a machete sized knife, bur rather one that would be comfortable on the belt, for all around outdoor use. Now that I have one in hand, part of me wants to just put it in a glass case for show! As to sharpness, it sliced a very ripe tomato perfectly, straight out of the box. I know Mr. Gonzales does not advertise these for self defense purposes, but the heavy duty rugged construction leads me to believe it would serve that purpose quite well if needed. I can easily imagine the “Crocodile Dundee line “That’s not a knife. This is a knife!” being applied to these units. I am completely impressed with everything about the quality, the price, and the very rapid service. I highly recommend “Knives By Hand” be given a good hard look by any who desire such fine cutlery. I am a verified purchaser, and would not say these things if they were not true. Major kudos and a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Frank Gonzales. Very well done Sir! Best regards, Tim G.

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