Blade Show 2017 Success!

I am back from the Blade Show and enjoyed my time there. I got to meet many and was greet with much attention at the show.  I took some photos along the way if you didn’t get a chance to come see me and my products.

Allen Key holding my giant Khukuri. They used it in the photo shoot for television add as a prop.
Allen requested to use it. Allen walked out with one of my Panawal Dotted knives. Allen Won season one of Alone where he lived in the wild for 50 plus days. I think 54.

Ethan Becker showing off one of my knives to his entourage. Ethan owns Becker knives (BK knives) and special ordered a knife from me still to be made.

David Shun picture. He was with Ethan. I am told he is owner of Shun knives.
He wants one of my knives.

AK from TV show Naked and Afraid. She left with one of my prototype corvus keep

Sold the large giant khukuri used in the photo shoot. Sad to see it go, but it gives me the chance to make a better one.

Ryu Li (tv show forged in fire winner). He wants to custom order a khukuri through me. bladeshow table