YES!!  it(apache knife) came in beautiful knife frank cant wait to use it on my next outdoor trip

thank you again

MrRocky559 Fresno, CA August 14, 2016

I just got home and unwrapped the 3Chirra! What a beauty! I love the craftsmanship and attention to every detail!
it meets all my expectations and then some!
I will be recommending your work to all of my friends!
Thank you so much for an excellent product!


Dan Lithia Springs, GA August 14, 2016

Mike ordered a Panawal Dotted and received it.

Date: Wed, July 13, 2016

I did receive the knife and with the short
Time that I have had it I like it very much.
The knife and scabbard look very good, and I
And very glad that I have it in hand
Every was packaged very well. Thanks so much.

Mike August 14, 2016

He purchased a Christian 3Chirra with leather sheath

Date:  Friday August 20, 2015

It did arrive Frank. It is absolutely beautiful. The weight and thickness of the blade give it the heft and durability that will last for generations. That is precisely what I was hoping to see. My wife and I both like the sheath you made over the water buffalo hide that came with the knife. The quality and workmanship are beyond anything I currently possess. Thank you very much my friend.

Gary Texas August 14, 2016

Gotta tell ya I love the redemption blade. It's epic. I'm a big guy 6 5 250 pounds this blade fits me perfect. I have to say I truly think it will be a great edition it the woods. Especially when I take my hound and rottie tracking in thick heavy wooded areas. I'll give u my input once I field test it. It is a beautiful piece I can tell it came from the soul. You are truly a great bladesman  blacksmith. I look forward to the next blade I'm buying which is I'll have to look can't remember. I greatly appreciate it. God blessed you with a phenomenal skill. The way you keep the blade thick solid yet light enough to handle without fatigue is epic. Thanks Frank

Joshua North Carolina August 14, 2016

He purchased a 3Chirra

Date: Wed May 18,, 2015  5:17 pm

Yes it was delivered, thank you very much! Was going to  email you to let you know I received it and that i'm more than happy about it and I cant wait to take it camping. Will be dealing with you again in the future and also will be recommending you to my friends and family.

Anthony Colorado August 14, 2016

Date: Wed April 29, 2015  9:09 pm

Just received my 3 Chirra Khukuri knife. Super fast delivery by FedEx. No sooner ordered

and it was shipped. Very pleased with the Quality of this handmade Khukuri made in Nepal.
The price point on this knife and that's delivered, plus the quality makes this an exceptional
value for the money. So good in fact, I'd recommend buying one even if you didn't want one. lol

Gordon Denver August 14, 2016

Got the knife yesterday and love it, cant wait to put it through its paces,been great doing business with you frank i plan on buying a couple more of the hunters,Thanks David

David Date: Fri, August 19, 2016 5:49 am Tennessee August 20, 2016

 Tue, Aug 23, 2016 5:03 pm


Got the knife today! WOW! What a hunk of steel!!! I can't wait to try it out at work on some shrubs that need removed!!!!


I am going to make a point of showing several people at work tomorrow - at the railroad....maybe that will stir up some sales for you!!!




Greg G. OHIO / WAR HORSE August 24, 2016

Fri, Sep 30, 2016 5:38 pm

Hey Frank i just got in and received the knife and it is beautiful and it fits in my hand perfectly as if it was custom built for my hand. I can't wait to put it to use. Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy this blade.

Jack B. Virginia Virginia / Frank Bowie Wave version October 1, 2016

I love it(3Chirra)!! Named it Sweet Pea. Tested it by splitting a piece of fire wood about 18 inches long n roughly 5 inches thick n then did a little whittling w it. Very impressive knife.

Larry Jackson South Carolina (3Chirra) February 28, 2017

Just received it. An absolutely stunning piece. It's perfect. Thank you

Imran Utah / Panawal Dotted April 17, 2017

i received my eagle khukri on wednesday afternoon.  I love it!
 I look forward to future purchases..
 Thank you sir..

Bobby Michigan / Baby Eagle Knife April 17, 2017

Just opened it.  I love it!   It's a beast!  Thank you for your follow up, awesome value and service!  I'll be a repeat customer!

Christian Babini

Christian Babini Michigan / Havoc April 27, 2017

Mr. Frank . I received my knife today and i just want to Thank you for such a great knife. I am so pleased with what received. I will cherish this knife and one pass it over to one of my sons. Thank you.

Adolph G. Adkins, TX / Redemption May 2, 2017

I really love the knives and the pictures on your site don't do them justice. They're massive and intimidating like help, I just love them.  Now I have to find someone to make me a couple of good sheaths for them and I'm good to go for my next camping trip or war!  Again, thank you for the great knives and please keep me in mind on your next great creation!
Raul M.

Raul M. OK / Frank Bowie May 5, 2017

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