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10 mm

Blade Length

10 inches


480 grams

In stock


This knife is for those that want a style of  knife used by the Gurkhas of today.  
blade is the style that is now issued to the Gurkha Military.  Handle is the traditional Nepali style made of Water Buffalo Horn.  This knife was hand forged and comes with the traditional side knives – one sharp and one dull. The Karda (small sharp knife) was used for small tasks.  Chak Mak (Dull knife – more of a piece of steel) was used for honing the blade in the field.   It weighs approximately 17 ounces, 10 inch blade, spine is near 3/8 inch thick. The traditional scabbard is more polished.  It is sharp and it is real and ready for use.  Shipping is included in the price for USA.



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