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This is made by my Nepali Kamis ( Highly Skilled Blacksmiths)

CROSS HATCH 21 INCH SIRUPATE:  This Blackened Sirupate style (Sirupate means leaf) has a time consuming cross hatch pattern in the blade.  It is left blackened .  This could be used as a sword.   The carving work is impressive on both the handle and the blade itself and  with it’s steel pommel, steel guard, full tang handle, lanyard hole, scabbard and it comes with the two traditional side knives.  The Chak Mak (dull steel) used to hone the blade in the field and a small knife called the Karda.   The Guard to Pommel length is 8 1/4 inches.  Enough room for 2 hands.    The pictures do not do this long blade justice.

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8mm  /  just shy of  3/8 inches

Blade Length

20 1/2  inches

Weight (varies +/- as they are hand made)

44 ounces / 1268 grams.

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