Care & Warranty

How to maintain your Kukri?
1 Oil:  These are carbon steel blades and should be oiled periodically.  Apply oil such as machine oil, gun oil, WD-40, etc. on the blade at least once a month and every time after use.
2 Cleaning:  Use Fine Grit Steel Wool to clean the knife off after use.  OO or OOO steel wool can be found in most paint sections of stores (Paint section of Walmart, etc).   Scrub the blade with fine grit steel woo then wipe down with oil and clean cloth.  Wipe off any fingerprints.  Green Rouge polish or metal polish such as flitz may also be used.
3 Sharpen:  Both sides of the blunt chakmak can sharpen the blade. However, a sharpening stone is recommended for better and faster result.  I have found this You Tube video to be short and to the point.

I use a ceramic Rod.  For Bug out bag, I recommend carrying a small hard file for use in the field for sharpening knives, use as a fire striker, notching wood, etc.

Thank You for your purchase from Knives By Hand  (KBH).
All of the knives that are purchased through me are warrantied for 3 years.


Upon Receipt, if you do not like the knife , return it for full refund.
I do offer an initial evaluation.  This is a 100% coverage at time of receipt.  You have 3 weeks to contact me on this from time of Purchase. If you do not want the knife after initial receipt, then contact me to return it.  I have refunded for the knife being too large for the individual as he did not know how big it truly was.  I have refunded the knife for when his wife found out he spent money on a knife – ( I understand this).

Limited Lifetime warranty:
Email for warranty against defects.
 I will email instructions on returning the knife.
The knife will then be inspected for the complaint/defects and you will be contacted to resolve dispute.
All warrantied items are reviewed at the discretion of Knives By Hand – Example: if you shoot the knife with a rifle, this will not be warrantied (yes, this really happened). IF you modify  the knife such as grinding off the guard , this may void the warranty.  I do stand behind the strength of the knives .
In most cases, a Replacement or Refund will be applied and this would be the customers choice.  Warranty is limited to the lifetime of the company.  I have been in business since 2009 .