About Us


Knives are more of a rugged type built for use.  Knives are designed for actual use and made to be durable and to be used and not in a display case.  Dedicated to Knives that are made from the old ways using a forge and hammer.  All knives are made out of High Carbon steel.    Knives are to be rugged and functional over “pretty”.


Knives By Hand is a knife worth using. We hope that once you receive yours that you hope to go 'test' it out in your backyard. These knives are meant to be by your side out in the wilderness and we hope to see you there making new trails.


We pride ourselves in being called Knives by Hand and we are called that for good reason.  All Knives are brought into existence with brute force. We like to think of it not as work, but our daily exercise that happens to put food on the table.  We currently have two streams of production at the moment. Me and a few families in Nepal.

Why Nepal?  The people of Nepal (Gurhkas) have been fighting by our side in WWII, Vietnam, Afghanistan and various other conflicts. They will begin making my designs for me.   This will also allow me to keep costs down and much of the money will go to Gurkha’s that fought beside our soldiers who receive no benefits after service.
I will be offering mine, but at a higher price as I am phasing out of manufacture.  I will personally be working with Nepal to get these right.